Social Empowerment Of The Downtrodden

Social Empowerment Through Quality Education


Academic Intensive Care Unit

An innovative approach of imparting high quality education to the madrasa dropout and probable dropout students of School Grades 1st to 12th.

Education on this concept is being conceived and delivered with specific approach to target stake holders by Shaheen Educational Society in Bidar-Karnataka.

Their success rate is 100% since 15-years consistently.


Name Of Project


Dropouts and probable dropouts between School Grades 8th to 10th
  • All India. To start with there can be at least 10 centres in India.
  •  Later on, more centres can be established. Ideally, it may begin from Delhi.
  • Dropout of students from the schooling stage of Grades 1st to 12th is rampant throughoutIndia. The rate is growing every year.
  •  The dropout occurs mainly in three stages:7th to 9th, 10th, and 12th Grades.
Main reasons attributed by the community to dropouts are: Financial Scarcity, Social Backwardness, and inaccessibility of Quality Education.
Factual Reasons
  • Prime reason is dearth of quality education. From Grade 6th/7th onwards educationally weak students would not understand lessons in languages and Mathematics hence, schooling becomes burden to them.
  • To avoid this trouble, the child seeks friendship and enjoyment outside the school.
Grading System Of AICU
  • Daily dictation tests. Weekly written tests.
  • Daily home works
  • Students are graded in three stages with three levels in each stage:
MARKS 10 20 30


MARKS 40 60 60


MARKS 70 80 100
Responsibility Of All
  • The dropout is not merely an educational problem; it is a growing menace affecting the whole society.
  • The society is discussing the issue,government and NGOs are providing scholarships and materials to students; all this is not helping to solve the problem.
  • The solution is to diagnose the problem that students are weak in Mathematics and languages.
Academic Intensive Care Unit


  • The need of the hour is to have an intensive program with focus on the targeted stake holders.
  •  SHAHEEN has special program of Screening, testing and separate classrooms for dropout students. They have been implementing it successfully since 15-years in Bidar-Karnataka State.
Project Description
  • After the screening and selection of dropout students, their class will start.
  • Students age group of 12 to 16 years.
  •  Number of Teachers: 04.
  • Number of Students: 24.
Method of Teaching
  • Teaching commences from the current level of understanding of each student.
  • It would be tailor-made for individual ability and learning pattern.
  • One to one teaching with individual attention.
  • Includes daily class work & home work.
  • Doubt clarification with easy examples.
  • Practicing to achieve good handwriting.
  • Teaching material is provided.


  • Students in the age group of 12 to 16 years are eligible for AICU.
  • School dropouts due to problem in understanding the subjects.
  • Regular students who are performing below average in their class and may dropout.
  • Children who never had formal education or schooling.


  • Counseling Sheet.
  • Admission Form.
  • Attendance Register.
  • Weekly Test Record.
  • Feedback Form.
  • Daily Home Work and Class Work Records.
  • It’s your turn now!
  • Start doing whatever you can to make the future of the potential leaders who are dropping out from schools.